Dear society- An apology 

Dear society, 

I m sorry

I am  sorry that I never lived up to your expectation. 
And I am sorry for every time I questioned your rules and regulations. 

I am sorry for every NO when I  should’ve said Yes. 

And I am sorry for not being a damsel in distress. 

I am sorry for liking Tinkerbelle instead of Cinderella. 

And sorry for not liking that pink coloured umbrella. 

I am sorry that I punched that guy when he did wrong to my best friend. 

And I am sorry for wearing clothes that weren’t even of the trend. 

More than that I am sorry for not being the ideal girl type. 

Because good girls don’t rebel and never do they create any hype. 

I know that I should be a good girl and aspire to be a princess. 

Because ‘to look good’ is my only power and sole purpose is to be a good mistress. 

But my dear society, 

Let me tell you that, 

I am not going to be ceased and confined to this cage, 

a cage not even big enough for my wings and bars too weak to handle my rage. 

I am definitely not a princess and I don’t need to be rescued. 

I am a soldier, a fighter, not born but brewed. 

I am an enigma,  a harmony, a saga of love. 

I am not conventional, I am born to fly and rise above. 

I am a fire and an erupting volcano. 

I am the ocean too placid and a melody sweet and mellow.

And the stain on my skirt that you think I should hide,

Will not bother me anymore as that blood is my pride. 

That blood was instilled in my womb to protect, 

It doesn’t deserve your disgust but your respect.

I have the power to make you and destroy you, 

Because I am not just a part of this universe but it’s creator too. 



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